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You have been living with The Nordics for a while now, about 18 months, and today was your birthday. It was morning now and you barely woke up. "____!! BREAKFAST!!" Matthias, the obnoxious Dane, yelled on the top of his lungs.

You body waddled downstairs while you were in your pajamas still and had your hair all messy as usual. "Good morning, ____~" Tino cheered gave you the usual morning hug.

You were really tired this morning because you ended up staying up until about 7 AM and only slept for three hours, stupid internet keeps you up at might. You recklessly hugged him and yawn loudly by accident. Lukas sighed and made you some coffee to wake you up and it did. You snapped out of you sleepy state and thanked Lukas from the caffeine. He patted you shoulder and went back to his seat.

You sat at your usual seat and started eating, the rest of the Nordics did the same. After you ate, to your surprise Emil was the last to wake up. He was usually the first after Lukas, but not today. "Morning Emil." you said with your eyes blankly staring at the television screen that had Spongebob playing.

"Morning..." he muttered and got something to eat.

You, Berwald, and Peter were watching the Band Geeks episode of the show and it was on the football stadium scene with Sweet Victory playing. For some reason you always loved this episode because of Patrick getting stuck in that trombone. After Emil ate he came and sat next to you so that meant you were in between the two quietest men of the house, Emil and Berwald. Even though it was your birthday it didn't bug you about not getting a gift straight away or anything because last year the Nordics waited until dinner to give you their presents for you so you mainly shrugged it off. You continued watching, but after five minutes when the commercials started to come on you got a phone call.

"Hello?" you answered, but from caller ID you knew it was your mom.

"Hey, sweetie. Happy birthday, I sent you something and it might come in a few days from now." your mom politely said over the phone.

"Great another gift.." you muttered.

"Hey I made sure that this was something you like." your mom whined and hanged up the phone after saying your farewells.

You sighed and sat back down on the couch. 

~Time skip to dinnertime~

After you all ate the huge meal Tino made it was time for you to cut the cake and open the presents. The cake you got was a two layer chocolate delicacy with whipped cream frosting and it tasted amazing, Matthias had made it with a ton of love for you. After having the cake melt in your mouth it was time to open the gifts you got. You have gotten a golden locket from Lukas which was your surprise, a new bed from Berwald since Peter broke a few months ago, a few seasons of your favorite show from Emil, Tino gave you a hat like his since you always try to take his, and Matthias said he was busy making the cake so only had a kiss for you, but Lukas choked him before he could do so.When Lukas turned his head Matthias kissed your cheek quickly and you blushed slightly. 

Later that night it was all quiet as you were trying to sleep, but you were just laying there thinking about why did it feel awkward all day today and why did it seem like there was a ton of jealousy everywhere. Your thoughts stopped hovering in your mine when you heard a loud crashing sound from downstairs, it sounded like a plate or a mug. You quietly scooted downstairs when you started to hear the Nordics all yelling at each other at the top of their lungs.

They must have thought you were asleep, but you were secretly watching them from afar. You always kept hearing "She's mine." back and fourth. You didn't want to hear anymore of this so you went quietly back to your room and listened to music.
I don't know why I wrote this, but there's going to be different endings~ and I might make a surprise for everyone. Someone already knows what it is, but she better not say it. Well I'm voting to see who gets the first ending~

Requests are open so you guys can roll over me XD

Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:

Writing (c) :iconmewmewcupake:
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